For almost 20 years, spanning two continents in over 200 cities and in four different countries, Step Up Productions has utilized action sports and music to promote, advertise, and raise awareness for businesses, products, and/or events.

We offer a wide range of services and our versatility allows us to cater to any size event and/or location. Step Up has the ability to assess all available resources and implement them into your event in a customized fashion. Our reputation and experience confirms our work ethic and guarantees successful achievement of meeting your company's goals.

Action sports have become a staple of the mainstream market and provide an unsurpassed level of entertainment for your customers.

Step Up Productions takes a professional approach to reach your goals and exceed your expectations.

Whether it's a world record attempt in front of the Pyramids in Egypt, a jump to launch a wakeboarder over Orlando's Lake Eola fountain, a Wake Rail Jam at the ESPN XGames and Dew Action Sports Tour, or a Snowboard Rail jam in the desert (just to name a few), Step Up Productions has the answer.